„In love with love”


…and I chose the best job to live up to that motto. Actually, it’s not a job. It`s my passion and joy.

I love getting to experience all the happiness and bliss that only a wedding can bring. I love preserving these moments for eternity while staying in the background myself.

I like watching and shooting characteristic faces, getting inspired by radiant, sparkling eyes, sharing that inner beauty with everyone. I would often capture tiny details and moods – sometimes less is more. Happy and positive images can shine through, capture your heart and fill you with love. This is my calling – to make sure this feeling makes its way to as many people as possible and help lead them to their own happiness. I prefer all things natural and that applies to light as well.

My main profile is wedding photos, but shooting playful, naughty kids is also something I`m fond of. I have been shooting professionally for 10 years but it has been part of my life since childhood. My mind takes pictures even when I don`t have a camera with me. If you would like to give the gift of your smile to your family and help make the world a happier place, call me and I`ll capture it for you.